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What Are the Different Types of Drawer Slides?

Author: venusgeng

Jun. 28, 2022


Choosing drawer slides is not as easy as it seems - there is no "one size fits all" approach. Taking into account different materials, different fixing positions and many different lengths, it's important to make sure you get the right one before you buy.


Required Clearance     

Clearance is the space around the drawer box that a slide needs in order to work. To attach slides to your drawer box, it must be a little smaller than the cabinet cubby it fits into. In most types of cabinetry, these gaps are hidden by the drawer face. When we make measurements for drawer slides, the drawer face is ignored.


Side / Horizontal / Width Clearance is the difference between the Cabinet Opening Width, and the Drawer Box Width. Measure from the outside left to the outside right of the drawer box walls.

 Smart Drive

 Smart Drive

Vertical / Height Clearance is the height of the Cabinet Opening minus the Drawer Box's Height. There is often a difference in the Top and Bottom Clearance, which should be added to get the total ammount. This is often broken up into TOP and BOTTOM clearance. Added together, they equal the total Vertical/Height Clearance. Measure as the height of either side wall.

Depth / Back Clearance is the distance from the back of the drawer box to the rear cabinet wall when the drawer is closed. Measure from the inside of the drawer face to the outside of the back drawer wall.


Measuring Clearance:

To measure the clearance Horizontal Clearance of a cabinet system, take the width of the cabinet hole and subtract the width of the drawer box. 


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Extension Types     

Drawer Slides come in three basic types of extensions: 3/4 Extension, Full Extension, and Over travel.


3/4 Extension Slides are budget slides, and are very useful for most applications. This type of extension will slide the drawer 3/4 of the length of the slide outwards. The back 1/4 of the drawer will remain inside the cabinet, so this type of slide isn't recommended if you require access to the back of the drawer, which can be particularly difficult to reach for shallow drawers.


Full Extension Drawer Slides will pull your drawer so that the back wall of the Drawer is flush with the cabinet face. It slides out the full length of the slide, unless there is a stop on the slide, which usually takes away about 1/2". This allows you full access to all of your drawer's contents with ease.


  Garis Inner Drawer Can Be Used For The Whole House Furniture

  Garis Inner Drawer Can Be Used For The Whole House Furniture

Over Travel Drawer Slide is designed to move the drawer further than full extension, such that there is a gap between the back of your drawer and the front of the cabinet. One common application is for kitchen cabinets where its common to find overhanging countertops. By using an over extension drawer slide, you can make sure that you can access all of your drawer's contents without having the last inch of space blocked by the countertop. Many file drawers feature an Over Extension drawer slide, which makes removing these heavy drawers easier and safer.


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